References for thrombolysis lecture by Dr. Rob Stafford, January 2015


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Selected FOAMed

Thrombolytics for acute ischaemic stroke,

 SGEM#85: Won’t get fooled again (tPA for CVA)

SGEM#70: The secret of NINDS

SGEM#29: Stroke me, stroke me

Stroke thrombolysis 

The major trials of thrombolytic agents in stroke: Clicking on the trial will hyperlink you to the pubmed abstract page.

Trial Journal Time Primary Benefit Harm
MAST – Italy


Lancet 1995 <6hrs None Increased early death


JAMA 1995 <6hrs None Benefit did not outweigh risk


NEJM 1995 <3hrs None No difference


NEJN 1995 <3hrs 13% absolute mRS at 90d Increased ICH


NEJM 1996 <6hrs None Stopped due to harm


JAMA 1996 <4hrs None Stopped due to harm


Lancet 1998 <6hrs None Increased ICH


JAMA 1999 3-4hrs None Stopped unlikely benefit, increased ICH


Stroke 2000 <6hrs None Stopped early due to harm, mortality at 90d 23% vs 7%


NEJM 2008 3-4.5hrs 7% absolute benefit Increased ICH


Lancet 2009 3-9hrs None Increased ICH


Lancet 2012 <6hrs None Increased early death

One thought on “References for thrombolysis lecture by Dr. Rob Stafford, January 2015

  1. This is a fantastic piece of work.

    Your presentation made me rethink the received wisdom from the Stroke Physicians and Pharma.

    I’ll look at the evidence in more detail and reach a decision. What saddens me is that people will still be thrombolysed, regardless of what the evidence says.


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